First Time Right methodology is one such aspect what every organisation is aiming for in the current challenging Semiconductor world. To achieve this, the right individuals are required to fit in the ecosystem of the SoC Design.

Digital Design unlike Analog Design aspect, have achieved higher abstraction levels to meet the challenges. EDA vendors have truly upped their tools to meet these challenges. But, tools are not always going to provide the solutions, it is the right people with the right skill set and professional experience who can fit into the ecosystem. Only then, will they be able to execute the First-Time-Right methodology and bring the product to the Market within schedule.

Our Digital Services portfolio rightly covers all aspects of the digital design spectrum. They range from Product Idea Landing Zone requirements and stretches till post-silicon support. Our technical team meticulously serve every essential aspect of Design flow.


At Meyvnsystems, you will have a trusted partner who will go miles for your success.