Expertly & Exclusively Serving The Semiconductor Industry

Expertise in this domain distinguishes us from the rest and with a proven track record and esteemed clients, we can help you achieve your objectives and goals.


Meyvnsystems is a Singapore based fabless semiconductor design,consulting and analytics company specialised in advanced SoC design, energy-efficient RF, Analog, Mixed

signal and Power management solutions for embedded and stand-alone applications.

Our engineering team comprising of top notch industry veterans in IC design and led by dynamic leadership to create industry-revolutionizing architectures for portable, handheld, wearable electronics, IoT, 5G, cloud and data analytics applications.

Having had a combined experience of more than 20 years in the industry, we strive to give our customers in the semiconductor industry the best there is in terms of varying solutions which fill the gap as well as ensure that their success metrics are met in every single way.

Semiconductor industry specialists

Unlike other companies that do everything and anything we focus only in the semiconductor industry.
hence we bring a lot of focus and experience to this niche.

Quality and excellence

Our team always believes in quality solutions and service. Our pursuit of excellence is a constant one and we always strive to give the best to our customers and we know what it takes to deliver. Trust and excellent customer service is something we hold with high regards.


Domain knowledge is important and hence our multi-skilled and diversified team comprising of top notch industry veterans in IC design and led by dynamic leadership brings expertise like no other company in the Asia Pacific Region.

We believe in total solutions and our expertise and subject knowledge gives us an edge over others.


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"Meyvensystems are a  trusted provider for our needs. Reliability and quality are synonyms that go with their service. Recommended provider for sure.”

Semiconductor client