Analog Design is a challenging and demanding skill set in the Semiconductor industry. It requires every circuit to be designed with a deeper understanding of materials and extensive engineering skills. Without professional experience in Analog Design, one cannot meet the functionality and cost-effectiveness aspect of bringing an idea to production.

Industry leaders is gearing up their portfolio for 5G, Connectivity and IoT Products. These Product lines generally involves designing of Complex SoCs using Lower Process Nodes, Ultra Low Power Design and Multi-million Gates. Shrinking technology nodes raises stakes and poses a quite formidable challenge for any organisation to achieve the Time-To-Market Schedule to bring their Idea from Concept to Production stage along with best Reliability and Yield results. 

Analog Design plays a crucial in all these product lines and it requires a strong profession expertise to estimate and fix the problems arising in these product design and execution both at pre-silicon and post-silicon level.

We truly understand the Analog design requirements of the customers and our Technical team provides both Analog Design and Consultancy services in this complex Area with their disciplined and professional approach.


At Meyvnsystems, you will have a trusted partner who will go miles for your success.