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 The semiconductor industry is a niche industry where our clients believe in trust and quality. Our team breathes that daily. Our pursuit of excellence is a constant one, and we always strive to give the best to our customers and we know what it takes to deliver. Trust and excellent customer service is something we hold with high regards.

Our Services

Digital Design

Our Digital Services portfolio rightly Covers all aspects of IC design spectrum. They range from Product Idea Landing Zone requirements and stretches till post-silicon support. Our technical team meticulously serve every essential aspect of Design flow.

Analog Design

Analog Design is one of its kind in Semiconductor industry. Analog design requires every circuit to be designed with lots of experience and extensive engineering skill. Without experience and skill one cannot meet the end of functionality and cost effectiveness aspect of making a product.

Talent Hiring

Our services include talent search & selection , contract staffing, recruitment process outsourcing and human resources outsourcing. Our database and networks consists of experienced candidates for various positions, especially for the semiconductor industry.


Connectivity is and will be playing a crucial role in coming few years, where all devices need to be connected through Wired and Wireless solutions. Internet-Of-Things is going to power this data-driven world and Connectivity is at heart of it.


Various types of wireless communications are used by IoT, including LTE Cat-M, NB-IoT, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi, WLAN) , Bluetooth, etc.

5G, Edge Computing

To move closer to digital transformation 5G, IOT and Edge computing are the key infrastructure enablers for a range of products in Industrial, Technological and Consumer fields like Autonomous driving, Smart Cities, Factory infrastructure and mobile data streaming at higher data rates.


Meyvnsystems engages with clients in providing predictive analytics to uncover data patterns, gain predictive accuracy and improve decision making.

Cloud Computing

Meyvnsystems engages with clients in delivering on the digital transformation and offers the cloud technology expertise and resources.

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