Our unique innovations minimize overall system costs for our customers while providing world-class performance characteristics. Meyvnsystems provides with a broad array of silicon-proven IP and products such as PLL, PMU, DC-DC Converters, Serial links and Memory Test and Repair (BIST) for SoC development.

At Meyvnsystems, we have rich experience in a range of advanced CMOS process nodes from 180nm to 10nm and at different process technology from planar, FinFet and FD-SOI. Meyvnsysystems delivers both standard and custom solutions that are optimized for low power, high performance and high density across a broad range of process technologies to minimise time to market


Connectivity is and will be playing a crucial role in coming few years, where all devices need to be connected through Wired and Wireless solutions. Internet-Of-Things is going to power this data-driven world and Connectivity is at heart of it.
Connectivity products ranges from Wired Connectivity Solution which are prominently used in Industries and Wireless Solutions heavily used in Consumer segments.
Meyvnsystems provides design solutions such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Narrow band IoT across all types of process technology nodes to serve various Connectivity and IoT applications.


Various types of wireless communications are used by IoT, including LTE Cat-M, NB-IoT, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi, WLAN) , Bluetooth, etc. Customers developing and manufacturing IoT devices and products must choose the best wireless communications matching the features of the product under development. The key elements in choosing the wireless communications method are communications distance, power consumption, and communications speed.

Meyvnsystems support our customers with solutions for the IoT market with:

  • Leading-edge measurement technologies leveraging the power of mobile and wireless communications
  • A wide and complete product line covering wireless to wired connectivity at its best
  • Wireless to wired measurement technologies for next-generation markets including 5G


To move closer to digital transformation 5G, IOT and Edge computing are the key infrastructure enablers for a range of products in Industrial, Technological and Consumer fields like Autonomous driving, Smart Cities, Factory infrastructure and mobile data streaming at higher data rates. These are going to be key differentiating products for any customer to have in their portfolio.
Meyvnsystems provides design consulting services on product development involving 5G enablement and Edge Computing.


Meyvnsystems engages with clients in providing predictive analytics to uncover data patterns, gain predictive accuracy and improve decision making.

Cloud computing

Meyvnsystems engages with clients in delivering on the digital transformation and offers the cloud technology expertise and resources.Whatever type of cloud computing services you use, one thing is certain: large quantities of data will move back and forth between your end users and the cloud provider’s data centers, over the internet.
That’s why whatever type of cloud services you want, Meyvnsystems can help your organisation have a far more powerful cloud experience and get greater benefits from your cloud services investment.


At Meyvnsystems, you will have a trusted partner who will go miles for your success.